January CRG Meeting

We held our January meeting  on Friday, January 23 at 12:00 at Uncle John’s Family Restaurant located at 402 24th Ave N in Myrtle Beach. Uncle John’s is part of the Dayton House Resort complex.

Kathy Zipko spoke about her work with Scents for Soldiers. Scents for Soldiers is aKathy_Zipko_Scents_for_Soldiers3 non-profit organization which brings much needed items to our wounded heroes in various Military Medical facilities. This is a great organization that we need to hear about and support.

Those present at the CRG meeting agreed to collect items on their “wish list” and give them to Scents for Soldiers every quarter end. Kathy agreed to come to our March meeting and pick up the items.

Congressman Tom Rice talked about “How can we get our country’s fiscal House in order?”

Congressman Tom RiceTom shared with us that he is on the Budget Committee once again. He said that most of the planning by the House Republican Caucus has been very short term.

He said that the projected revenue for the 2016 budget is $3.01 trillion and total spending is projected at $3.5 trillion. This is about 1/2 trillion dollars in the red. Only 13% of the budget is controlled by Congress; this is the discretionary portion of the budget and it is currently being held at the 2007 level. The rest of the budget is fixed.

Tom is optimistic about getting the budget under control since we have a Republican House and Senate. Some of the items being discussed are how to fix Medicare; block granting Medicaid to the states without strings; block granting the food stamp program to the states without strings. There is nothing in the works for Social Security.

After his presentation, Tom answered a lot of questions about the economy, defense programs, growing the workforce, etc. You can download Tom’s presentation by clicking here.

Our next meeting will be held on February 26 at Noon. The location is Uncle John’s Restaurant locating at 402 24th Ave N in Myrtle Beach.

Please come and invite people you care about so we can continue to preserve our freedoms.

2015 focus areas for Conservatives for Responsible Government

As an organization, we have looked at and complained about a lot of areas of our government at all levels. It is time to focus on a few areas where we can lay the ground work for change. We are adopting the following topics that are of concern to all of us.

ROLE OF GOVERNMENT – National government has expanded beyond the scope of our founding documents. We must understand the nature of the modern administrative state and develop a strategic vision that will put us on the path to restoring constitutional government. Until we develop this vision, we must hold line where it is today. We must also strive to implement more traditional form of government with strong checks and balances in South Carolina. Today, we have a legislative form of government with token executive and judicial branches.

EDUCATION – Freedom of education is a right of every citizen. Our founding fathers knew that an educated citizenry was the key to the survival of our republican form of government. Since 1979, the federal government has usurped this state right. We need to restore the proper role of the state in educating it citizens and remove the progressive hold on how education is funded.

TAXES/SPENDING – Taxes are a necessary means of supporting the roles we citizens have placed on our governing authorities: federal, state and local. Voters cannot continue to return elected officials to their positions and expect different results. An educated voter is critical to reigning in government excesses and overreach. We must monitor taxing and spending by our various levels of government and raise the awareness of abuses of authority.

LIFE – Human life is sacred and precious. Therefore, we stand in opposition to abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research.

MARRIAGE – Marriage is the joining of one man and one woman only. We support traditional marriage and oppose the adoption of all alternative definitions.

THE FAMILY – The family is the basic building block of society, and demonstrably the best environment for raising the next generation. Therefore, we support all efforts to strengthen the family and oppose undermining parental authority or the integrity of the family.

FREEDOM OF RELIGION – Freedom of religion is guaranteed in our Constitution. We will oppose any infringement of this right and any artificially imposed obstacles to our responsibility to preach the gospel.

SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL – God promises blessings to those who look out for his chosen people, the Jews. “I will bless those you bless you and curse those who curse you.” (Gen. 12:3) We support Israel and oppose radical Islam. Similarly, we oppose the establishment or acceptance of Sharia Law in our country, which is a means of enslaving, not liberating, people.

For CRG to be successful and have an impact in bring about awareness and change, we must be able to articulate the issues and communicate them to the public and our elected officials. Thus, we must do the investigative work to present the issue to our members. Once our membership is knowledgeable on the topic, we can then start educating the public and elected officials.

We need each member to choose a topic, stay informed and present the issue and concerns at each monthly meeting. To ensure we have time to have speakers and still cover these topic, we are tweaking our format so we have one speaker and allow 5 minutes on each topic. The 5 minutes are to  be spent on presenting the highlights and the details will be submitted to the Communications team (Chuck Collins) for posting on our Web pages for all to see and discuss in detail through posts.

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